This document is an annex to the End User License Agreement and regulates the rules of participation and conduct in the Poke RAID chat, in particular, in the interactive sections of the Game, limiting the actions of the User in the Game, and also the liability of the User for non-compliance with such rules and restrictions, the rights of the Rights Holder to apply sanctions against the User, and the conditions for such sanctions, as defined under the User Agreement. Compliance with the Game Rules is a prerequisite for the User to participate in the Game, as well as as to receive the Service and Additional Services.

Control over compliance of the Rules will be governed by the Possessor of Rights and his representatives (“Administration”).

1. General provisions.

1.1. The User, who is the owner of the Account, does not have the right to give/disclose the Account’s password to other users of the Game. The User bears the responsibility of complying with the terms of the Agreement and its annexes.

1.2. The User is only allowed to have one Account in the Game. If a User is found to possess multiple accounts, these may be banned anytime at discretion of the Rights Holder.

1.3. Transfer of an Account from one User to another, including the transfer of the technical device, is strictly forbidden.

1.4. Through the use of the various communication platforms provided by the Game (including but not limited to discussion forums, email, chat rooms, blogs etc., as well as the comments function), the User can post their own content (hereafter referred to as “User’s content”) on the websites of the Rights Holder. In this regard, the owner provides only the technical means of exchanging information. The User accepts the responsibility for the content of such information, and agrees to grant the Rights Holder full indemnity from any claims and litigations by third parties.

2. Restrictions for the Game users.

2.1. The User must follow all rules and restrictions prescribed in these Rules, the End User License Agreement, and any other document that regulates the usage of the Game.

2.2. The User is obliged to respect the right of other users to participate in the Game, and should not create situations where the rights of other users in the Game are being violated and / or limited.

2.3. The User is prohibited from performing any intentional actions that hinder or prevent other users from accessing the Game, as well as performing any intentional actions that hinder or prevent the Administration from carrying out its duties.

2.4. Under no circumstances shall the User: break or attempt to break the software or any of its components, and / or intercept or attempt to intercept the data being transferred from/to the server, create or use fraudulent methods, use hacking or third-party software products that may alter the functionality of the Game, use software that provides “data mining” from other users, or otherwise prevent the collection of information related to the Game.

2.5. The User is prohibited from modifying, changing, decompiling, selling and/or distributing modified materials of the Game in whole or in parts, using software bugs, code changes, gaining unauthorized access to the server and database of the Game. In individual cases the Rights Holder has the right to immediately suspend the User’s access to the Game, and appeal to police to review the actions of the offender under the Criminal Code of the Republic of Cyprus, or the applicable laws of the offender’s country of residence.

2.6. The User is prohibited from organizing/participating in staged battles with other user(s), which result in the User gaining game advantages such as resources, hero experience, and/or faction points. The User is also prohibited from performing the following actions with any in-game objects, values, services, in-game currency without the express personal permission of the Rights Holder:

• exchange of any in-game objects, values, services, in-game currency for any kind of real-world item or currency;

• selling services outside of the Game and / or for real-world items or currencies, including cash;

• purchasing services outside of the Game and / or for real-world items or currency, including cash;

• distributing information about the User’s intention to commit any of the above-mentioned actions both by the User and by any third party.

2.7. The User is prohibited from creating and/or using bots in the Game (in-game characters controlled by software), other programs, any technical and / or other means that emulate the User’s actions in the Game, including technical and/or software-based means for the purpose of changing GPS coordinates.

2.8. The User is prohibited from exploiting any in-game errors and errors of any related software in the Game. Users that discover such game errors, should report them to the Rights Holder.

2.9. The User is not permitted to post or distribute on the Rights Holder’s websites any information, including but not limited to, the means of communication and messages that:

• violate the intellectual property rights of third parties;

• contain “chain letters” or pyramid schemes;

• can be mistaken for messages originating from the Rights Holder;

• contain personal data about other users and / or third parties;

• contain advertisements of any kind, including the display of any links to Internet pages, without the prior consent of the Rights Holder.

2.10. The User is forbidden from spreading rumours about, and/or slandering the Rights Holder, other users, or the Game, or spreading any information that may discredit the business reputation of the Rights Holder.

2.11. The User is prohibited from sending spam (information and announcements not related to the Game) and flood (repetition, reproduction, copying of information etc.) in any of the Game’s communication platforms (if any); sharing personal information about third parties, including their phone numbers and passport data.

2.12. The User is forbidden from using any obscene, offensive, provocative or any forbidden words and symbols in any form anywhere in the Game, the Game’s Website, or in the username registered in the Game.

2.13. The User is prohibited from using any Prohibited Content in the Game (as indicated in p. 6.6 of the EULA), including in the Username in the Game. Any information that can be considered Prohibited Content cannot be used in the Game and/or the Game’s Website, even if it is written with omitted letters and/or words and/or by substituting certain words/letters with other symbols.

2.14. The User is forbidden from posting or uploading files that contain viruses, Trojans, worm programmes, time bombs, cancel-bots, corrupted files or data or any other similar software that may damage the Game or disrupt the operation of computers.

2.15. The User is prohibited from deceiving other users and/or the Rights Holder in any way.

2.16. The User shall not violate the local laws of the User’s country of residence. The User will be held solely responsible for non-compliance with such norms.

2.17. Please note that the above-mentioned rules and restrictions do not cover all cases of abusive behavior.

3. Application of Penalties.

3.1. The Rights Holder shall unilaterally decide what actions constitute a violation of these Game Rules and/or the EULA. The Administration will use the rules set out in these documents as guidance.

3.2. In case of violation of Game rules and/or EULA by the User, the Rights Holder has the right to impose the following penalties (this list does not cover all cases):

• temporarily or permanently restrict the User from using the game chat, other interactive sections of the Game (if any); temporarily or permanently ban the function of commenting;

• remove items, in-game currency, other in-game valuables;

• restrict, suspend or deny access to the User’s Account;

• delete the User’s Account or several accounts belonging to the User;

• terminate the Agreement.

3.3. Repeated and multiple violations by the User will result in stricter sanctions being applied against the User, including the permanent banning of the Account.

3.4. The Rights Holder will permanently ban the User’s Account in cases including, but not restricted to, fraudulent payments (as defined in the EULA) made from the User’s Account; changing of the User’s nickname in ways that violate the Rules, the EULA, the law, common ethical rules.

3.5. If the User admits guilt and agrees to further strict compliance with these Rules, the Rights Holder has the right to set a penalty for the preterm unblocking of the Account. At the same time, the Rights Holder has the right to deny the preterm unblocking of an Account without giving any explanation.

3.6. The Game Administration has the right to change or delete any information that was posted that may be in violation of the Rules and/or the EULA in general.

If You have any further questions concerning these Rules and/or EULA in general, You can contact Us at this address: support at

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