1. General provisions.

Linespotting (hereafter referred to as «We» or «Company») takes all the necessary measures to process and protect the personal data of players of the Poke RAID chat APP (hereafter referred to as «Game»).

This policy (hereafter referred to as «Policy» or «Privacy Policy») as well as the End User License Agreement and all its addenda, regulate issues related to the collection, storage and processing of personal and other data of the players participating in the Game, which the Company collects as a result of You using the Game. Please read this document carefully, since it contains Your consent to the processing of Your personal data by the Company that provides access to the Game, as well as a list of purposes for which We collect and store Your personal and other data, as well as a list of third parties to whom We may transfer Your personal or other data.

Please note that We may combine the information We collect from You independently with the data that You provide Us with. By gaining access to the Game and using it, You give Your consent to the methods of collection, disclosure and usage of information as specified in this Privacy Policy.

Capitalized terms that are used in this document signify the same concepts as those in the EULA.

2. Information on the person who controls the processing of players’ personal and other data in the Game:


3. Categories of information We collect.

By downloading the client of the Game to Your device and starting the Game, You give Us Your consent to collect the following categories of information from You or third parties:

• Personal data: the data that You give Us by logging into the Game, participating in forums, chats, other interactive parts of the Game (if any), or that You give Us via telephone, email or in any other way. Such information that identifies You as a person (“Personal data”), can be used to contact You or identify You. Personal data may include Your name, email address, postal address, telephone number etc.

• Information on Your whereabouts, route, speed. We collect and store information on Your whereabouts, speed and route in the Game while playing it. This is used by localization services and provided by the operating system of Your device. You understand and accept that by playing the Game, You give Your consent to the tracking of the whereabouts of Your device, as well as the route and speed of Your device’s movement by Our system while the Game is active. We may use information on Your whereabouts, route and speed for the purpose of improving the Game and protecting it from prohibited methods of playing.

• Information received from third parties. We may receive information about You from third parties, for example, if You decide to log into the Game using any of Your accounts on other platforms. We may combine such information received from third parties with the data that You provided Yourself or that has been collected automatically. All kinds of information will be processed according to this policy.

• Payment information: We do not collect any payment data or personal payment data. Payments that You may make for the purpose of purchasing Additional Services or objects in the Game, will be processed by the payment processor according to its confidentiality and security policy.

When the User makes a payment for Additional Services in Our Game, the User will be redirected to the web pages of the respective payment systems depending on the payment method chosen, and will have to personally provide all of the data required by such payment systems for the purpose of processing the payment. When using a debit or credit card to purchase Additional Services, the User will be required to enter the following data: PAN, Cardholder Name, Service Code, Expiration Date on the website of the payment system. When purchasing Additional Services via electronic payment systems, the User will be required to provide the number of his/her account or electronic wallet.

• Non-identifiable information. The personal, non-identifiable information that We may collect, is the data that is automatically collected pertaining to Your usage of the Game. This includes technical information such as Your IP address, which is used to connect Your device to the internet, information identifying Your device, Google advertising ID (or advertising ID for users of iOS), Your internet browser data, the operating system on Your device, the trademark and model of Your device, the time settings, the time of logging into the Game, information regarding Your usage of the Game (what Game sections You visit, how long the game process takes etc.), and demographic data. We do not consider usernames as personally identifiable information. The indicated information will be automatically transferred to the Company by Your device, and will be stored on the Company’s server.

If You do not ask Us to delete certain data beforehand, We will store it for the period indicated by law, or necessary for the realization of the purposes for which We have collected it.

4. Purposes for processing information according to this Confidentiality Policy.

The information We collect from You will be used for the following purposes:

• for fulfilling Our duties as specified in any contract that is signed between You and Our Company, and for providing You with information, services in the Game and access to the Game that You expect from Us;

• for providing You with information about the Game and the services in the Game, e.g. notifications about changes in the Game, and/or rules that regulate the process of the Game;

• for improving the Game and services it offers, making sure players abide by the Game rules, ensuring players’ safety in the Game.

The information that is collected automatically, will be used for the following purposes:

• for administering the Website of the Game and the application, performing internal operations, including the detection and fixing of any bugs on the Website of the Game or the application; data analysis, testing, statistics and control purposes;

• for improving the technical part of the Game, the Game’s Website; ensuring that the contents of the Website and application are displayed correctly on Your technical device;

• for making sure that You can use the interactive functions of the Game, if the Game offers them, whenever You wish to use them;

• for ensuring that the Game’s Website and application are safe to use;

• for the purpose of providing You with information about any of Our products and services that might interest You.

5. Transfer of information to third parties.

The Company does not transfer any Personal data to third parties, with the exception of cases as specified in the Privacy Policy.

We may transfer aggregated, personally-non-identifiable information, as well as disclose personally-non-identifiable information to third parties in other ways. The Company may also transfer the information received from You, including Personal data that You provide at the moment of accepting the terms of this Privacy Policy, with Your consent, in the following cases:

• Services providers. We may use third party companies and individuals for the purpose of developing and supporting the Game, providing access to the Game on Our behalf and services in it (e.g., without restriction, database management, web analytics pertaining to the processing of payments, detecting fraudulent activities, and improving the Game’s Website and application, or helping Us in analysing the practices of Your usage of the Game). Such third parties may have access to Your Personal data within the context of performing such work on Our behalf. Please note that the Company grants access to any information under the condition that the third party ensures the safety of the information to which it may have access.

In particular, the Company works with (or may work with in the future) network advertisers, advertising agencies, providers of analytics services and other providers, which provide Us with information regarding the traffic on the Service, including the pages visited and actions taken by a player; support Our advertisements on other websites, mobile applications and other places on the internet; provide Us with information on the usage of the Game and the effectiveness of Our advertisements. Our service providers may collect certain information about Your visits and actions in the Game, as well as other websites or services. They may also install and gain access to their own tracking technologies on Your technical device (including cookies and web beacons) and may use this information to show You targeted advertisements.

• State institutions and persons who are authorised by the law to have access to such information. The Company will share the information it has, with state institutions in accordance with the law, among others, for the purpose of accountability. We cooperate with civil servants and law enforcement institutions to ensure compliance with the law.

• Associates, legal successors. The Company may sell, resell or in any other way share some or all Our assets, including information about You, due to merging, purchasing, re-organizing or sale of assets (among others, in all cases, as part of due diligence) or in case of bankruptcy. You will receive a notification via email and/or on the Website of the Game and/or the application, about any changes concerning the entity that controls the collecting, storing and processing of Your data.

6. Cross-border data transmission.

Your Personal data may be stored on servers that are located beyond the borders of Your country of origin or residence. We take all technical and organizational measures to ensure the security and safety of any of Your Personal data that may be stored and processed outside of Your local jurisdiction. You may send Us a request prohibiting cross-border transmission of Your data at the address support at pokeraidchat.com, however, in such cases, We may not be able to provide You with some or all services in the Game.

7. Changing or deleting Personal data or other information on a player, and refusal to provide such data.

If You wish to find out what information about You is being stored, You may do so by sending Us a request at this email: support at pokeraidchat.com. You can also send Us a request to delete or change Your Personal data. Please note that in the case of deletion of data, some or all of the Game’s functions may become unavailable to You.

At Your request, We will delete Your Personal data and will make a commercially reasonable effort to delete any other information related to You. However, certain data will be stored on Our servers even after the deletion of Your Personal data. For example, some personally-non-identifiable information related to You may be stored in Our archives for the purposes of administration. You should understand that it is not always technically possible to completely remove certain information from Our databases.

Additionally, We will not delete any information that You Yourself have posted publicly in the relevant sections of the Game. Please note that neither You nor the Company can delete all copies of any information that has been previously transmitted to other persons in the Game.

8. Contact details

If You have any questions concerning the procedures We use to process Your information, or information related to You in the Game, kindly submit them at the following email: support at pokeraidchat.com.