The best app rated by the Swedish TIME Magazine.


Touch it and it will go directly to login or pass login to Events screen if already login saved.

Login Screen

Temporary ID Login with email and password Use Google ID Facebook Login.

Choose Your Team

Every time you log in if temporary ID Skip if login details are saved Change your Team every 24h if you need!

Set Area of Interest

Set Any Range!

Events Screen

See all events in your area of interest and how many liked them!

Single Events Screen

Event information and Chat option for people who like the event!

Create Event

Pokemon type, Place for RAID, Time, Gym Controlling Team (This will set the color of the bar behind the information) and Text 20 chars 🙂

Delete Events Automagically

The event removes itself (and the ones and zeroes) after 24h (after time of event was set)

Settings Screen

Clear chat, Push notifications, Notification before raid, list goes on doesn't it! Sounds & Email chats to my email.

Push notifications Screen

When someone make an event, when thet RAID BOSS is supposed to happen in 10 minutes that you love!


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